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Artlink Finds Answers To Why Artists Create

Why do artists create? This is a question many have asked, and now Artlink is finding answers in their video series, Why I Create. Why I Create, currently in its second season, features regional artists in their element, creating works of art in their studios. These short, one to two minute documentary-style videos provide an intimate portrait of the artistic process and why artists in our community make art.

“I don’t really know what else I would be doing if I wasn’t making art. That’s pretty much what I’ve done my entire life and never have really taken a break from it,” artist Andrew Dubach from Episode 4 of the series.

The series also has had a positive impact on the featured artists. "Having the opportunity to share a hint of my thought process helped me focus and pinpoint what my work is about,” said Heather Miller, local artist. “After my episode was released, I began to receive more opportunities to create and show work but best of all, other artists discovered what I do. That was a turning point for me. Why I Create helped spur some collaborative projects that have pushed me into new places that are beyond what I would have thought of on my own."

Artlink began filming the series in spring 2016 working with Space Owl! Productions. All 17 episodes of the series can be found on YouTube.