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Mayor Henry Recognizes 45 City Employees For Years Of Service

Mayor Tom Henry today hosted a special ceremony to recognize milestone years of service for 45 outstanding City of Fort Wayne employees.

“I respect and admire the work that our excellent City employees perform each day,” said Mayor Henry. “I continue to be encouraged by the commitment and dedication that these public servants demonstrate to meet the needs of residents, businesses and neighborhoods. The 45 employees we’re honoring today are great people and valuable members of our community.”

The following individuals were honored today:

40 years
James Berning, Radio Shop
Kevin Okleshen, Street Project Management

35 years
Jack Barbour, Police
Timothy Bogenschutz, Police
Jerome Bostic, Police
Timothy Russell, Police
Jeffrey Tipton, Street Department

30 years
Jeffrey Burton, Police
Darrell Caudill, Police
Danny Hines, Police
Teresa Trimble-Holloway, Police
Randall Hosford, Police
Rickie King, Traffic Engineering Sign/SignalMarsha Gold-King, Community Development
Kathleen Morales, Police
William Murphy, Traffic Engineering Sign/Signal
Arthur Norton, Police
Donald Orban, Community Development
Katherine Pargmann, Parks
Kim Phillipson, Police
Timothy Sensibaugh, Water Maintenance
John Simonis, Transportation Administration

25 years
Michael Adams, Fire
Michele Arnold, Water Pollution Control Maintenance
Shawn Atkinson, Water MaintenanceDaniel Barnett, Water Filtration Plant
Douglas Brewer, Water MaintenanceRichard Byrd, Jr., Fire
Rebecca Canales, Botanical Conservatory
Julie Ebbing, Street Department
David Esterline, Fire
Sondra Falcone, Water Maintenance
Timothy Gallaway, Water Pollution Control Plant
Eric Harris, Citizen Services/311 Call Center
Cynthia Huss, Water Maintenance
Steven Koenes, Fire
James Kohrman, Fire
Douglas Mounsey, Fire
Nancy Niemann, Community Development
Kevin Owen, Water Maintenance
Kari Ramsey, Fire
Patrick Riley, Fire
Mark Scheumann, Fire
Creager Smith, Community Development
Larry Walker, Water Maintenance