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Spiders! Touring Exhibit Coming To Science Central

Spiders are coming to Science Central!

Starting on Sept. 16, North America’s largest public display of live arachnids will be at Science Central following the departure of the popular touring exhibition, Riverworks Discovery.

Visitors of the upcoming Spiders! touring exhibition will explore the cultural connections between humans and arachnids in a safe, hands-on environment. The exhibit features about 100 live arachnids, including endangered species, like the Tiger Tarantula, Mexican Red Knee Tarantula, Tailless Whip Scorpions, and more!

The arachnids will be divided into three themes: Arachnids in Science, Arachnids in the Arts, and Arachnids in Culture. Within the exhibit, visitors will see colorful photos from world-renowned German photographer Julian Kamzol and can participate in 15 interactive activities.

Live arachnids will be displayed on adult and child levels, so everyone gets a chance to experience them!