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Local Hearing Center Raising Funds For Specialized Pediatric Services

Young children with undiagnosed hearing loss often experience developmental delays before they enter kindergarten – but help is available. HearCare Connection, a non-profit audiology center based in Fort Wayne, is raising funds to offset the cost of the specialized audiology equipment and services needed to provide proper diagnosis for babies and toddlers in our community who display signs of hearing loss.

Of every 1,000 babies born in the United States, between one and three are born with detectable hearing loss in one or both ears. Children as young as a few months can be fit with hearing aids, however, making it possible for them to stay on track developmentally. In fact, children who begin treatment by the time they are six months old acquire language, either spoken or signed, at the same rate as their hearing peers.

Anna Bogdon, executive director of HearCare Connection in Fort Wayne, is looking to the Fort Wayne Community to provide financial support to this critically important cause. “We want to give all children the same opportunities in life, and being able to hear is essential to a positive experience in preschool, kindergarten and beyond.”

To make a donation, simply go to today to give a one-time gift towards this work. All donations make a difference!

This project is supported in part by Parkview Health, Votaw Electric and Fort Wayne Metals.