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New Exoplanet Images At Science Central

Science Central created new data sets for TRAPPIST- 1, the newly discovered exoplanets discovered by NASA a few weeks ago. Nasa’s Spitzer Space Telescope collected data from the planet system, which an artist used to create beautiful images. Science Central then took the flat artwork to develop data sets for the center’s popular programs. In collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Science On a Sphere, Justin McAfee of Science Central created these data sets for Science Central and other institutions to use with Science on a Sphere. These data sets have since been shared globally to over 100 science centers, museums, and universities.

“Museums and out-of-school time providers are in a unique position to provide STEM engagement through hands-on experiences," said Roosevelt Johnson, deputy associate administrator for NASA’s Office of Education in Washington. “NASA supports experiences that engage with STEM topics in personally meaningful ways.”

The data sets can be seen by the general public and school groups on Science Central’s Science on a Sphere.