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Statement From The City Of Fort Wayne On Legacy

Fort Wayne is experiencing positive momentum and investments in our downtown and neighborhoods like never before.

We’re unique in that we’ve put aside significant capital for financial growth and stability through the Legacy fund. It’s money to help transform our City into all that it can be.

Earlier this evening, City Council discussed the current and future viability of the Legacy fund.

The public can be assured that Legacy is an asset that’s here for us now and in the future.

The City of Fort Wayne is committed to being transparent with the public. The SmartGov resource at contains a complete report on Legacy finances and is updated regularly. It paints a clear picture that we’re doing as the public desires in meeting current needs, investing for the future, and maintaining flexibility by being prepared to support projects that haven’t even been imagined yet to move Fort Wayne forward.

In leading the effort to create the Legacy fund, Mayor Tom Henry showed how the City could benefit from investing in itself. That commitment to make wise investments remains.

By working together, we’ve been good stewards of the Legacy fund. Through the Legacy Joint Funding Committee, which includes three members of City Council, there are checks and balances in place to ensure only Legacy-worthy projects receive funding. No project receives funding without final approval from City Council and the Mayor.

The Legacy fund will continue to contribute to making Fort Wayne a point of destination and a national leader in creating and retaining jobs and providing residents and businesses with an excellent quality of life.