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Eric Holcomb Announces Community Development Plan

Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb, the Republican nominee for Governor of Indiana, announced the third part of his four-part Taking Indiana to the Next Level plan today at Ash Skyline Plaza in Fort Wayne. Ash Skyline Plaza sits adjacent to Skyline Tower which was the recipient of the first Regional Cities Initiative distribution in the state.

“We understand and respect the challenges communities…face every day in attracting and retaining talent,” Lt. Governor said in announcing the plan. “We want to partner with you to help improve the quality of life and quality of place in communities across the state.”

Eric’s Community Development Plan includes:
• Investing in Local Community Development to Make Indiana the Best Place to Live • Enhancing the Safety of Our Communities
• Addressing and Acting on Public Health, Mental Health and Drug Addiction Challenges, and; • Protecting Indiana’s Vulnerable Citizens from Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

He added, “This plan is not only a long and ambitious list of ideas and goals, this is our duty – to strive for the best, to always focus on the future and to work together to do what’s best for all Hoosiers so that they feel safe and protected in their growing and vibrant communities.”

Previously, Lt. Governor Holcomb announced his Economic Development Plan and Excellence in Education in Workforce Development Plan. The fourth and final part focusing on delivering good government at a great taxpayer rate will be unveiled in the coming days. Eric Holcomb’s detailed Community Development Plan can be found here. Follow Eric Holcomb on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.