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New Social Networking Website Hopes To Be A Change Agent

Fort Wayne entrepreneur Nicholas Cochran has just launched a new website that he hopes will “simply change the world.” MyVoice is a free social networking website and online community that allows registered users to share and follow responses to daily thought-provoking questions and cases involving ethical issues and timely topics. Members will be able to share views and contribute perspectives that will create a MyVoice profile. Responses and cases can be sent and viewed by using multiple platforms and devices, including smartphones.

“The MyVoice website allows users to look behind the curtain to see into the hearts and minds of friends, family and colleagues by browsing what others have responded to daily questions,” according to Cochran. The collection of responses is then sorted, grouped and sliced to find interesting correlations and facts using the storyboard feature, which results in banner images showing in a response feed.

Unlike other social networking sites, which tend to be more for socializing, Cochran envisions MyVoice Movement promoting a culture that will encourage citizens of the world become more accountable. He expects that participants will “take ownership, provide transparency and be proud and confident” of their opinions. He encourages members to “think beyond social norms and be open-minded to all Voices,” and to agree to disagree. This platform, he believes, can help “change the world.” While the site is free to join, it will be supported by online advertising.

Cochran, who has worked in data analytics and marketing the past 10 years, is part of a group of three who founded the site and the MyVoice Movement. He says he was inspired to start this website in order to “create more public accountability…to do the things you say and say the things you do.” His plans are to launch the website in Northeast Indiana, then introduce it in some of the larger Midwest cities. “I am proud of Fort Wayne, and want to continue to show the talent in the city and the things that can come from here,” he says.

Cochran is a client of the Northeast ISBDC, where he has received marketing assistance for the start-up business. For more information, visit or call 260-245-0000. To learn more about the services of the NE-ISBDC, visit or call 260-481-0500.