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Museums Announce Special Presentation About The Auburn Automobile Company And Aviation

The Auburn Automobile Company is perhaps most famous for its beautifully styled and innovative automobiles. However, many of the prominent figures involved in the management of Auburn Automobile Company and in the development of its automobiles also had roots and ties to the world of aviation. In the late 1920s, E. L. Cord and the Cord Corporation acquired Stinson Aircraft. During World War I the Duesenberg Brothers developed engines for planes. Many of the Auburn Automobile Company and Cord Corporation’s highest ranking employees were former pilots and airmen.

Ethan Bowers, Museum Archives Manager, will be delivering a presentation about Aviation and the Auburn Automobile Company on August 8, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Hoosier Air Museum, 2822 Co Rd 62, Auburn, IN. Visit the Hoosier Air Museum website at for directions to the meeting.

During this special presentation, Bowers will help to illuminate some of the reasons why and how Cord and other prominent figures became involved in the world of aviation. This presentation is accompanied by original and rare photographs of events such as the 1931 National Air Races. Admission to this special presentation is free to and will include complimentary snacks and beverages.

The Hoosier Air Museum is dedicated to the preservation of aviation history from its inception to the present. The mission is to commemorate the men and women who built, flew, and maintained the various aircraft in defense of America’s freedom. Visit the Hoosier Air Museum and step back into aviation history! See the museum website at for museum hours and directions.

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