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Northeast Fort Wayne Neighborhood Pool Overcoming The Odds!

The renovated dive well at Glenaqua Swim Club will be re-opened with a

special grand opening celebration on Friday, July 15 at 12:00pm.

The fact that the Northeast Fort Wayne neighborhood pool is open at all this year is the result of a

small group of community volunteers who refused to let it go.

“It takes a community,” says new Glenaqua Swim Club board president Dean Metzger.

A short six weeks ago, a meeting was held at Glenaqua Swim Club to determine its fate. Due to the

major challenges facing the city’s neighborhood pools, it looked like the doors were going to close.

However, a small group of neighborhood volunteers said NO! A new board was formed and the water to

fill the pools was turned on that night. The pool was opened with a mere 22 member families and has

grown to over 100 families in a little over a month.

“The interest in having a family friendly neighborhood pool is definitely still there”, says Katie

Steigmeyer, Glenaqua Executive Board Member.

Neighbors, family and friends gathered to paint, clean, and spruce up the neighborhood pool that

they had known growing up. The new board started with only the main pool in functioning order. Since

then, the baby pool has been repaired and re-opened and the new board went to work on the city’s

only separate outdoor dive well with 1M and 3M diving boards.

The dive well at Glenaqua Club was suddenly closed last season following a storm when the main

pump failed and funds were simply not there to fix it. In the past month, corporate sponsorships have

been obtained and assistance was graciously given from the New Glenwood Neighborhood Association. A

new pump was purchased and countless hours have been spent cleaning.

“The kids are so excited”, says Metzger, “they have been waiting a long time!”

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