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Fort Wayne Animal Care And Control Tapped To Assist Out Of County Hoarding Situation

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control (FWACC) were contacted on June 23, 2016 by the State Board of Animal Health (SBOAH) requesting assistance with the removal of several dogs of various breeds, residing in overcrowded conditions inside a barn in a nearby county. The SBOAH was called to the property by local law enforcement. The dogs’ owner agreed to cooperate with law enforcement and the SBOAH to bring her dog ownership and breeding activities into compliance with state law.

The following day FWACC received twenty-six (26) adult dogs from the owner. Director Amy-Jo Sites said, “Though this case falls outside of our jurisdiction, when SBOAH contacted us, we couldn’t pretend this wasn’t ‘our problem’. We have a generous community and have a lot of great relationships with several rescues and the Allen County SPCA (ACSPCA). We felt we had the resources needed to help reduce the overcrowding situation these animals were in.”

Each dog is being medically and behaviorally evaluated to determine their needs and potential challenges for an adopter. Many have already been found to have severe dental issues, skin conditions, mammary tumors, and none of them had been spayed or neutered. Upon intake, all of the dogs received basic preventative vaccinations.

“We are working closely with specific breed rescues to coordinate as many transfers as possible. Though these dogs have created an unforeseen drain on our medical donations, we are getting these dogs the services they need to be placed into their forever homes.” The remaining animals not placed with rescues will be evaluated for placement at the ACSPCA and FWACC adoption programs. “This is where the coalition among FWACC and ACSPCA is crucial for our community. Together we truly do save lives,” says Director of FWACC Amy-Jo Sites. FWACC is currently accepting donations toward the medical expenses incurred to rehabilitate and place the dogs. Donations can be made to the medical fund on-line at, by mail, or during business hours at 3020 Hillegas Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46808.