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Beast Of Burden Challenge

Jess Kurti has made it her mission to raise awareness about Feeding America and the fight against hunger through what she calls the “Beast of Burden Challenge.” In order to educate and engage the public, Jess has made it her mission to volunteer at each of Feeding America’s 199 food banks while additionally running 100 marathons. At this time, Jess has volunteered at about 130 regional food banks and plans to visit Community Harvest on June 29th, 2016.

Jess believes that raising awareness about hunger and the existence of Feeding America’s network of food banks is a vital part of educating the public. Her focus is to share the idea that small contributions by individuals can make a tremendous difference in ending hunger in America. The “Beast of Burden Challenge” has been featured on ABC’s The Chew and many other local media outlets across the nation.