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LH Industries Marks 50th Anniversary With Projection Of Additional Growth

LH Industries, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of progressive stamping dies, precision stamped products, industrial control systems and medical devices, today marked its 50th anniversary of operation in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Company founder and chairman Leon Habegger told a gathering of employees and customers that the company he started in 1966 will see additional growth both in the United States and in international markets.

LH Industries employs approximately 350 people in four separate divisions: LH Carbide, LH Stamping, LH Controls and LH Medical. The companies hold more than 50 patents for products and processes associated with precision manufacturing of progressive stamping dies and industrial control systems. Their products are used in the automotive industry, in the manufacture of electric motors and in the orthopedic industry.

Speaking at ceremonies marking the anniversary, Habegger credited a skilled workforce, innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction for the company’s success. “Since our first day back in 1966, our formula for success has been simple and consistent: We are a family-owned company, but our customers are the boss, and our employees are the most important people in the building. All of our success grows from the efforts of a skilled, innovative workforce motivated to solve challenges on behalf of our customers.” 15 LH Industries employees have been with the company in excess of 30 years, 15 more have 40 years’ experience.

The companies’ contribution to the local economy is substantial. Payroll, healthcare and locally sourced materials and services exceed $51 million per year.

LH Industries president and CEO Bruce Emerick called the company an example of the effectiveness of the free enterprise system. “Fifty years ago, Leon set out on his own with a small investment and a big idea. Today, his companies are known around the world. Our employees are proud to ship millions of dollars’ worth of American engineering and ingenuity overseas every year.”