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FWCS Honors 75 Retirees

Fort Wayne Community Schools will say good-bye to 75 retirees with nearly more than 1,800 combined years of service at the annual retirement dinner Thursday, May 19.

The district wishes the best to the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants, secretaries, administrators and others who dedicated many years to making the lives of children better. The years of service for this year’s group of retirees range from 11 to 43, and each year made a difference to students.

The following are the retirees FWCS honors this year:

Name Position Years of Service
Leslie Howard Shawnee, Science Teacher 43
Martha Powers Bus Driver 43
Tommy Hogan New Tech Academy at Wayne, Health/Career Teacher 42
Jane Lundy St. Joseph Central, Third-grade Teacher 42
Lawanda Windom Lane, Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher 41.5
Debra Kruse Holland, Kindergarten Teacher 39
Steven Zehr Glenwood Park, P.E. Teacher 38
Susan Miller Glenwood Park, Secretary 37
Jennifer Johnson Irwin, First-grade Teacher 37
Cheryl Strader Northrop, Assistant Principal 36.5
Cynthia Freehill Bus driver 33.5
James Rathge Warehouse, Clerk 33
Sharon Connor Harris, Kindergarten Teacher 33
Roberta Mustapha Arlington, Student Interventionist 33
Donna Roof Snider, English Teacher 32.5
Elaine Campbell Northcrest, Special Education Assistant 32
Sally Benjamin-Butler Towles New Tech, Social Studies Teacher 31
Karen Rhoades Northwood, School Improvement Coordinator 31
Joyce McGiffin Harrison Hill, School Assistant 31
Renee Page Forest Park, School Improvement Coordinator 30.5
Jeanne Taylor ELL, District Instructional Coach 30
Jane Sieber Shawnee, Math Teacher 29.5
Jacqueline Howard Scott Academy, Student Interventionist 29.5
Ronald Holmes South Side, History Teacher 29
Antonia Printzos Special Education, Middle School Resource Teacher 29
Pamela Rios Harris, Special Education Teacher 29
Daniel Nolan Northrop, Assistant Principal 29
Candace Cress Nebraska, Media Clerk 28
Ruth Nofzinger Harris, Third-grade Teacher 27.5
Jane Masters Area Vocational Education, Secretary 27
Evangelina Robles Lindley, School Assistant 27
Teresa Vanderpool Portage, Secretary 27
Deborah Dinse Franke Park, School Assistant 27
Bruce Flohr Holland, Second-grade Teacher 26.5
Peggy McFadden Holland, Kindergarten Teacher 26.5
Deborah Layson Towles New Tech, School Assistant 26.5
Patricia Hardiek North Side, Cafeteria Manager 26.5
Julia Beutel Forest Park, First-grade Teacher 25.5
Sharon Raypole Scott Academy, Fifth-grade Teacher 25
Linda Yoder Croninger, First-grade Teacher 25
Sherry Britt Whitney Young, Principal 25
Steven Douglas Adams, Case Manager 24
Judith Kinder Snider, Cafeteria Manager 24
Camby Ferdon Snider, Foreign Language Teacher 23
Jana Root Memorial Park, Music Teacher 22.5
Cynthia Fisher Towles Montessori, 9-12 Teacher 21.5
Kim Hunter Special Education, Elementary Resource Teacher 21.5
Patsy Snyder St. Joseph Central, First-grade Teacher 21.5
Michelle Webster St. Joseph Central, Secretary 20.5
Jill Imbody Bus Driver 19.5
Kathryn Fromm Bus Driver 19.5
Penny Darrah Miami, Student Interventionist 19
Jennifer Vaughan North Side, Building Coach 19
Kathy Frye Abbett, P.E. Teacher 18
Melissa Snider FWCS Career Academy, Hospitality Careers Teacher 18
Karen Somers Haley, Second-grade Teacher 18
Mark Frisch Transportation, Supervisor 17.5
Patricia Bailey Kekionga, Counselor 17
Roxanne Yoquelet Assistant Superintendent-Secondary, Secretary 17
Leigh Steinke Miami, Cafeteria Manager 16.5
Charlotte Ellis-Johnson Bus Driver 16
Judith Baker Weisser Park, Student Interventionist 16
Lawrence Lael Jefferson, P.E./Science Teacher 16
Sheryl Bohde Washington Center, Special Education Assistant. 16
Claudia Peters Bus Driver 16
Peggy Loveless Bus Driver 15.5
Sharyl Paul Northcrest, School Assistant 14
Michael Bishop Maintenance & Operations, Mechanical Maintenance 13.5
Frankie Kovacs Wayne, Business Teacher 13
Eunice (Jean) Bireley FWCS Career Academy, Hospitality Careers Teacher 12
Peter Roberts Bus Driver 12
Ann Holdredge Northcrest, Art Teacher 11