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AvFuel Expands Network With Fort Wayne Aero Center (KFWA)

Avfuel Corporation is proud to announce Fort Wayne Aero Center as one of its newest branded dealers, enhancing services for Midwest flying.

“We couldn’t be happier to join such a supportive network,” said Jeff Van Slyke, FBO general manager for Fort Wayne Aero Center. “With a focus on exceptional customer service and our partnership with Avfuel, customers can be assured they will receive the best care and products the industry has to offer.”

Fort Wayne Aero Center seeks to provide high-level support for every guest of its operation with a strong emphasis on customer service. The FBO will offer all the benefits of the Avfuel network that customers enjoy—such as Avfuel Contract Fuel and AVTRIP rewards—as well as critical aviation services, including both Jet A and 100LL fueling; maintenance; de-icing; quick turns; and charter, cargo, ground handling and forklift services.

“Fort Wayne Aero Center is an outstanding addition to our branded network of FBOs,” said Marci Ammerman, vice president of marketing for Avfuel. “They have a lot of passion for aviation and customer service. We’re excited about this addition to our Midwest locations to better serve pilots and guests traveling to, and stopping by, the region.”

With construction of its state-of-the-art FBO underway, Fort Wayne Aero Center is on track to open on Jan. 1, 2016. The FBO will begin accepting reservations on Dec. 26, 2015, for arrivals on or after New Year’s Day.


Fort Wayne Aero Center is owned and operated by the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority. As the region’s newest fixed base operation, Aero Center provides aircraft fueling, deicing, ramp parking and tie-down, and a range of other services. Amenities include a new 12,000 square foot executive terminal, free Wi-Fi, pilot’s lounge and private rest areas, fitness center, and conference rooms. Fort Wayne Aero Center combines concierge-level customer service with broad industry experience to deliver an exceptional flying experience.


Avfuel provides fuel and services to the global aviation industry and is the leading independent supplier in the United States. Established as a supply and logistics company nearly 40 years ago, Avfuel is core competent in every aspect that surrounds the delivery of fuel – from refinery to wingtip. Avfuel combines global access with personalized service throughout a fueling network of more than 3,000 locations worldwide and 600+ Avfuel branded dealers. Our 100% dedication to aviation demonstrates our passion and commitment to a global community that prospers on the movement of goods and services around the world.