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Off-Road Cycling Permits Now Available For 2016

The annual Off-Road Cycling Permit is now available for mountain bike trails on state park, reservoir and state forest properties.

The $20 permit will be required beginning Jan. 1 for most off-road cyclists on state properties, with some exceptions.

Permits are not required for trails rated as “Beginner.” Also, trail volunteers who contribute at least 125 recorded hours of service in a year can receive a permit for free.

A daily Off-Road Cycling Permit will also be available for $5.

Permits may be purchased at all state park, reservoir and forest property offices and gatehouses during regular business hours. They are also available online at Mother Nature’s Mercantile,

Mountain bike trails are available at 18 state park, reservoir and forest properties. Currently, all trails at Potato Creek State Park in North Liberty are rated as “Beginner.” This means no permits are required to ride trails at Potato Creek.

A permit is not required for cyclists on property roadways or paved bicycle paths.

Funds from permit sales will help offset operating costs at state parks, reservoirs and forests.

Off-Road Cycling Permit holders must still pay standard gate fees when property gatehouses are staffed.

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