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Green Again, 8 In A Row

For the eighth year in a row, the City of Fort Wayne fleet is receiving recognition with the 2015 Government Green Fleet Award. The award honors Federal, State and Local Government Fleets in North America that have achieved success in “greening” their fleet in a number of ways.

The award goes to the top 50 Green Fleets each year. This year, Fort Wayne ranked number eight on the list and was the only Indiana government fleet to win the award. The award is sponsored by American City and County magazine.

Fort Wayne was recognized for its commitment to replacing retiring vehicles with fuel efficient vehicles. The 1,826 motorized vehicle fleet includes efficiencies with more than 500 vehicles able to use the environmentally friendly E85 fuel, 365 vehicles using environmentally friendly Bio-Diesel fuels, 60 hybrid vehicles, and 10 electric cars. These vehicles reduce costs and protect the environment.

“I continue to be impressed with the outstanding work being performed by the City’s Fleet Department,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Fort Wayne is a recognized national leader in providing excellent fleet services. Having a top 10 fleet demonstrates our commitment to ensuring City vehicles are safe and operating efficiently to better serve residents and businesses.”

The 2015 award is based on data from the 2014 calendar year. There are 38,000 government fleets in North America.

The City of Fort Wayne’s fleet includes, police cars, fire trucks, dump trucks, street sweepers, backhoes and many other work vehicles. These working vehicles are driven collectively, more than 10 million miles each year.

The attached list includes the Top 50 Government Green Fleet Award winners for 2015.