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TSA To Demonstrate Proper Way Travelers Can Fly With Guns

Yes, travelers can fly with their firearms, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. TSA is inviting local media to Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) tomorrow to learn how travelers can bring their firearms with them when they fly.

The number of firearms at checkpoints is on the rise nationwide. Last year, a record 2,212 firearms were discovered at U.S. airport checkpoints. One was discovered at the FWA checkpoint in 2014, and already five have been found there in 2015.

So, we’d like to show you the right way that travelers should be traveling with their firearms. (Hint: bringing it to a checkpoint is definitely the wrong way.)

You’ll see some examples of what not to do and what to do when traveling with a gun. Good visuals and hands-on examples for you.

Who: TSA officials offering one-on-one interviews

What: A demonstration on the proper way people should go about flying with a firearm

When: Tuesday, October 20; 10 a.m.

Where: Fort Wayne International Airport; Meeting point: ticketing area

RSVP: Please send an email to mark.howell1 if you plan to attend.