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Based Platinumen™ announced the introduction of its first product, a 2016 calendar. The inventive calendar, devised by local entrepreneur Victoria Thompson, features 12 local men who, at 60 years of age or older, are truly “Platinum men” – more valuable than silver or gold.

“Platinumen™ was founded on the belief that some men really do get better looking with time,” said Thompson. “The three words that I would use to describe the Platinumen™ are vibrant, inspiring and classy.”

Thompson, who got the idea for the Platinumen™ calendar after seeing a Sean Connery advertisement, plans to expand her line to include MyPlatinumMan where individuals can have a personal Platinumen™ calendar produced with their own pictures to enjoy each month.

“Many women appreciate the views of Platinumen™ so the calendar will make a great gift for the holidays,” added Thompson.

More information about Platinumen™ can be found at . It is establishing its social media presence soon.

To submit ideas for the 2017 edition of Platinumen™ please contact Thompson at vicki.

Platinumen™ is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.