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Grand Wayne Center Hosts Shadowcon 2015

Ghosts, aliens and connections to “the other side” are the focus of ShadowCon 2015, October 16 and 17 at the Grand Wayne Center. The two-day gathering of nationally known paranormal investigators features presentations and workshops by specialists in the dark mysteries that bridge our world with the spiritual unknown.

Tina Hicks Lano and Jackie Hicks are hosts of the event. Known as “The Original ParaSisters,” this pair claims the title of Fort Wayne’s premier paranormal investigation team. “ShadowCon explores more than ghostly hauntings. Nationally known presenters will discuss UFO’s, Bigfoot, psychic communication and paranormal investigative techniques,” Hicks said.

Also featured at ShadowCon 2015 is a preview of an upcoming Destination America network TV special Exorcism: LIVE! The network visits the home in Missouri where, 66 years ago, an exorcism took place that inspired the Oscar nominated 1973 movie “The Exorcist.” The live broadcast is October 30, 2015.

Friday’s ShadowCon workshops include:

· Animal Totems

· Dark Subcultures – Exploration of myths and confusion about modern vampires, dark pagans and Gothic artists

· Psychic Ghost Hunting – Learn how to build your natural abilities that society tries to hide

Saturday’s ShadowCon workshops include:

· Field Techniques and Advanced Paranormal Experimentation

· Ghosts and Spirits – Empowering and understanding them

· Cryptids of the US – Searching for Bigfoot, Chupacabra, lake monsters and “the beast of Busco.”

· UFO or Alien Contact – Common facts about UFO’s and how to know if you’ve been abducted

Where: The Grand Wayne Convention Center
When: Friday Oct. 16 11am-6pm. Saturday Oct. 17 9am-9pm
Tickets: Adult General Admission $10 (does NOT include Workshops) 12 and under $5 (Children under 12 FREE on Saturday Oct. 17th from 1-9pm with adult ticket purchase). 2-day all access pass (includes all workshops) $30