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I&M Warns Customers Of Recurring Scam

Indiana Michigan Power customers should beware of scam artists posing as I&M

personnel calling customers and threatening to disconnect their electric service.

In this recurring scam, customers are told they are behind on their electric bill and facing immediate

disconnection. They are instructed to purchase a debit card, load the card with money, and then call an 800

number and provide the number from the card.

I&M customers who receive such calls should hang up and call our Customer Operations Center at 800-311-

4634. Customers who are behind on their bills receive a written notice of a possible disconnection and how to

prevent it. I&M will not demand immediate payment over the phone.

This scam has occurred in a number of states served by a number of different utility companies. I&M has

received reports of these scams targeting our customers in the past week.

Customers who believe they have been a victim of this or any other scam should contact their local police