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Byron Health Center Earns Deficiency-Free State Survey

Byron Health Center, along with CEO Deb Lambert and the Board of Directors of Recovery Health Services, are proud to share with our residents, staff and the community that we have earned another deficiency-free state survey conducted by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) using tough new federal criteria. This is Byron Health Center’s second deficiency-free state survey in the past three years. Each year, the ISDH sends a trained team of objective surveyors into every licensed Assisted Living facility to meticulously examine and evaluate quality of life and care received by residents by inspecting medical records and interviewing residents and staff. The ISDH is rigid in its standards. Surveyors go through the facility with a fine-tooth comb. Under the state’s survey system, a deficiency-free finding is a significant achievement. Few nursing communities have received this distinction and level of competency.

The ISDH investigators arrived at Byron Health Center in August of 2015. During the inspection, the state’s survey team evaluated all aspects of resident care at Byron Health Center and assessed compliance with hundreds of specific state and federal standards. The surveys are conducted on a no-notice basis, with dates changing annually to make it difficult for any facility to anticipate the visit. The ISDH survey has a checklist of areas and categories to examine including, but not limited to: medication administration, resident care plans, medical record keeping, kitchen sanitation, dietary needs and the overall environment and safety of the home. Ultimately, the annual survey is conducted to evaluate the overall quality of life and quality of care received by residents at the assisted living facility and to ensure it is operating at the ISDH’s highest standards. The ISDH investigators implemented the federally-mandated Quality Indicator Survey. More than half of states now use it. The survey has two stages, the first of which requires in-depth interviews with residents, staff and others along with a review of residents’ medical records. The second stage involves in-depth investigation of how well residents are assessed and how well care is planned and provided. The process is far more comprehensive than previous surveys, making Byron Health Center’s deficiency-free status a significant achievement.

Lambert joined Byron Health Center in 2012 and credits her staff with embracing change while helping her to create a new vision for Byron Health Center. “I am so proud of all of the hard work our staff has put forth. We have embraced excellent resident care and customer service while making our residents’ lives the absolute best they can be. We are proud to share with not only our residents, but the greater Fort Wayne community and even the state of Indiana, our constantly-improving, resident-centered, deficiency-free Byron Health Center. We plan to just keep getting better and better for both our residents and our employees.”