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Specialized Clinic Treating Student Athlete Concussions Opens In Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Neurological Center (FWNC) is responding to increased concern about the dangers of mild traumatic brain injuries by opening the area’s first specialized concussion clinic. Screening by a team of FWNC’s board-certified neurologists and neuropsychologists will identify concussion symptoms and determine whether specialized treatment is necessary, or confirm it is safe for student athletes to return to their sport.

The first clinic is held this Wednesday, August 12, 4-7 p.m. at Fort Wayne Neurological Center’s north office. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 260.460.3100

“It’s important to understand that concussion is another way to describe brain injury,” cautions Dr. Tasha Williams, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist participating in FWNC’s new concussion clinic. “Concussions are both sneaky and dangerous. Unlike a ligament tear or bone fracture, these mild brain injuries are not easily detectable. Just because you can get back on your feet, don’t assume the injury you suffered wasn’t serious.”

Student athletes are the initial focus of the concussion clinic. The protocol calls for examination by a neurologist for physical damage, followed by screening by a neuropsychologist who looks for signs the impact has affected memory, concentration, mood or cognitive ability. The team of doctors will compare results to determine whether additional treatment is necessary, or whether the student may return to play. Students may also receive suggestions for coping with lingering symptoms that may affect classroom performance.

“By offering specialized concussion care at times convenient to students and their parents, we hope more families will seek treatment,” explained neurologist Dr. James Stevens, M.D. Stevens, recently elected vice president of the American Association of Neurologists, is a recognized authority on concussions who helped the NFL develop and update its concussion care policies. “Schools that require a physician’s release after injury are taking a responsible attitude about a serious issue. Our concussion clinic will help healthy students get back on the field, while protecting those who’ve suffered a blow serious enough to require treatment or more time for the brain to recover.”

Fort Wayne Neurological Center specialists cooperate with Parkview Sports Medicine and Lutheran Musculoskeletal Center /FWO to provide concussion education and trainer support.

The concussion clinics are on alternating Wednesdays at Fort Wayne Neurological Center’s two offices.

West Office
First and third Wednesday, 4-7 p.m.
Lutheran Hospital campus
7956 W. Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 210
Appointments: 260.436.2416

North Office
Second and fourth Wednesday, 4-7 p.m.
Parkview Regional Medical Center
11104 Parkview Circle, Suite 110
Appointments: 260.460.3100