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Clearing Debris Important To Protecting Neighborhoods From Flooding

With the frequent rain that Indiana has experienced this summer, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) is reminding Hoosiers living in close proximity to rivers, creeks, tributaries or other low-lying areas to be mindful of potential flooding risks. Watching out for any water flow and drainage issues can help to limit future flooding.

While awareness is an important component to keeping safe, there are other steps that can be taken to help prevent potentially dangerous situations. Listed below are tips on how to keep safe from river flooding in the long-term:

· Ensure that all sump pumps are operational, and clear any gutters or drain spouts of debris.

· If safe, clear any debris that may obstruct water flow or drainage. High amounts of debris, especially near storm sewer drains, can impede the flow of water and contribute to potential flooding in residential areas. Using a rake or shovel can help clear storm drains while avoiding contact with flood water.

· Contact local emergency management officials if any large obstructions are seen in rivers or creeks. Be patient, as it may take time for the issue to be addressed. If the issue is on private property, removal may fall to the property owner.

In the event of flooding, it is important to be prepared.

· Have an escape plan established, including multiple routes so flooded roads can be avoided.

· Do not try to drive through water. It takes just a few inches to stall a vehicle or wash away a roadway.

· Keep any important documents, such as birth certificates and social security cards, in a safe, waterproof file to help prevent damage.

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