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TOMMY JAMES and the SHONDELLS is coming this Friday night with HERMANS
HERMITS to the Foellinger theatre this Friday night.!!! This should be one of the BEST SHOWS OF THE ENTIRE SUMMER!!

TOMMY JAMES: His first hit reached #1 in 1966, HANKY PANKY. Then he had a string of hits over the rest of the decade, and into the 1970’s. He’s still very active today! Some of the other hits were I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW, MIRAGE, the still wildly popular MONY- MONY, CRIMSON and CLOVER (his biggest #1 single), DRAGGIN THE LINE, DO SOMETHING TO ME and THREE TIMES IN LOVE.

Also, 3 of his huge hits had some references to God in them. It’s easy to tell that he’s a Christian when you listen to SWEET CHERRY WINE, BALL OF FIRE and one of his very biggest hits, and probably my favorite of all his songs CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION! In earlier days, I think we’re alone now was my fav. And I went crazy over Mony Mony with that really rocking up tempo song! I first saw them at the Flame (inside Jack and Jill Amusement park on Coliseum blvd), at Leo High School a few years later and at Deer Creek about 10 or so years ago, near Indy! I can’t wait to see him again!!

HERMAN’S HERMITS starring PETER NOONE: Man, where do I even start? I’M INTO SOMETHING GOOD, MRS. BROWN YOU’VE GOT A LOVELY DAUGHTER, SILHOUETTES, WONDERFUL WORLD, JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER, I’M HENRY VIII-I AM, A MUST TO AVOID, LISTEN PEOPLE, CAN’T YOU HEAR MY HEARTBEAT, LEANING ON THE LAMP, DANDY and the song that Peter Noone once said was the best song they ever recorded THERE’S A KIND OF HUSH. He usually sings them all! THE END OF THE WORLD was probably my favorite, but hell I loved them all!! Another cool one was "Don’t go out into the rain, you’re gonna melt". I saw them at the Colseium on 8/4/64 AND 8/4/68! No kidding! I’ll bet Noone doesn’t even know that! About 8-10 years ago, we wen’t to the James Dean Festival near Fairmount to see him then too. And he was GREAT for everybody that saw him two of the last 3 years at the Foellinger, too! (Well, except for one guy, anyway!)

Peter Noone is very entertaining, and you can tell he LOVES making the audience happy! He also hosts a popular show on SURIUS XM radio weekly called "Something Good!" of course. Get ready to sing along. Unlike some artists songs, you’ll know every word to many of his songs. He was just 16 when he hit it big! Plus, Herman’s Hermits sold more records in 1965 than anybody else, except the Beatles!! THAT’S IMPRESSIVE! Don’t miss this concert. Ticket start at only $39.