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Stryke Industries Announces Newest Client, Angstron Materials Inc.

Stryke Industries, a highly specialized business development firm, is excited to announce its newest client, Angstron Materials Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of graphene and graphene oxide. On behalf of our client, Stryke manages a coherent strategy of business development actions from research & development, capture planning, and end-customer engagement.

Angstron is a Dayton Ohio based company with two manufacturing locations worldwide that includes a production capability of 300 tons annually. Graphene is the subject of thousands of scientific projects each year with Angstron’s co-founders, Dr. Bor Jang and Dr. Aruna Zhamu, ranked in the top five intellectual property developers for this technology. Gridlogics, a patent analytics solution specialist ranked Dr. Jang and Dr. Zhamu as the #1 and #2 graphene inventors globally. Angstron Materials puts high demands on their quality assurance and is ISO 9001 certified.

Angstron’s overarching goal is be a leader in graphene materials and technologies and to translate these innovations into commercially viable products for industrial, commercial, and defense applications. Angstron’s CEO Dr. Bor Jang stated “Our world renowned scientists and engineers are dedicated to accelerating nanomaterial products to the marketplace with unprecedented speed.” He went on to say “Teaming with Stryke provides us a great opportunity to integrate with the federal and prime defense markets at a level truly unseen at this point in our company’s history; it’s the perfect model for success”.

Van Flamion, President of Stryke Industries stated “Angstron Materials, Inc. is nothing short of outstanding! Their extensive knowledge of graphene, coupled with their extensive capabilities to exploit it, are accelerating graphene commercialization at a lightening pace.” Van further stated, “If not impacted by graphene now, you will be in the near future from batteries that allow you to travel hundreds of miles to paints that will prevent corrosion in the toughest of conditions.” The fact that they are the world’s largest producer of nano graphene platelets, profiled by Discovery Channel and #1 and #2 in graphene inventions shows their commitment to propel this technology across the global marketplace.”