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Severe Weather: Limit Travel, Talk About Your Plan

With most of Indiana under a high risk of severe weather, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is warning Hoosiers to stay home if possible.

Thunderstorms, flash floods, and tornadoes can all appear suddenly with little warning, and may only last a few minutes, but have the strength and power to cause a great amount of damage. Make sure to have a severe weather plan in place.

Talk to your family about what you’ll do to shelter in your home and what you’ll do if you need to evacuate.

Below are tips on preparedness for severe weather:

  • Postpone or cancel outdoor activities and listen to weather reportson the radio or television.
  • Monitor developing conditions on local media or with a weather radio.
  • Seek shelter inside a building or in a hardtop vehicle, but do not touch the metal inside.
  • Do NOT go near tall trees or any other tall objects, or near downed power lines.
  • Do NOT go under overpasses. Wind speeds increase and can cause serious injuries.
  • If in a vehicle, get out and go into a strong building if possible. If not, lie in a flat ditch or low area and cover your head. Be aware of low lying areas that may flood.
  • If you live in a mobile home, get out immediately. Shelter in a building with a strong foundation.
  • If caught out in the middle of a body of water, return to shore as soon as possible.
  • Basements, inner rooms, and storm cellars provide the best protection during a thunderstorm or tornado. Stay in the center of the room, away from doors and windows.

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