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The Indiana Department of Homeland Security recently surveyed Hoosiers about their level of preparedness should an emergency such as a tornado, blizzard, earthquake or some sort of manmade disaster occur. The survey, which included a series of questions about preparedness plans, kits and various resources, was completed by more than 2,500 respondents.

According to the survey, more than half of Indiana households who responded did not have at least three days’ worth of food and water on hand should a disaster occur. Even more than half did not have other items recommended for a family preparedness kit, including things like flashlights, extra batteries, first-aid supplies, extra medications, extra pet supplies and copies of important documents that are hard to replace.

“The fact that at least half of Hoosier households are ill-prepared for a disaster is worrisome and why we are reminding Hoosiers to make preparations now for themselves, their families and their pets,” said IDHS Senior Public Information Officer John Erickson. “Disasters can happen any time and without much, if any, notice and we are especially concerned about these survey results, with winter weather just around the corner.”

Respondents cited several reasons why they do not have a disaster preparedness kit. They include:
· I don’t think there will be an emergency in my area;

· I’m too busy;

· I don’t know what to put in a preparedness kit;

· It’s too expensive to put together extra supplies; and

· I just don’t think these items are necessary.

Erickson says part of the lack of preparedness stems from a false sense of security and the fact that 87 percent of those surveyed said they had never really experienced a widespread emergency. He says even though there are disasters in the news with some regularity, most people simply think it won’t happen to them.

For more information on building a preparedness kit and drafting a family emergency plan, visit <; or <;.